An Industry Leader in Mortgage Field Services

Precision Field Services is a dedicated, regional mortgage field service provider based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our success is contributed to our ability to maintain integrity and quality on every asset we service. We strive to meet and exceed all investor guidelines and client expectations through continuing education and training for all of our staff members. We offer a full range of preservation and REO services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Our goal is to service your assets from pre-foreclosure to sale.

We are committed to helping our clients protect their assets and would welcome the opportunity to extend that service to you. By partnering with a reputable field service company, Precision Field Services can help reduce administrative burden and mitigate risk, while also ensuring accurate reporting, timely conveyance, and sustained asset values. Our main objective is to preserve the property and increase marketability while reducing unnecessary risk, delays, and cost.

We know you have choices when building your vendor network, but it will not be complete until you partner with Precision Field Services. Whether you are a lender, mortgage servicer, field service provider, or REO Agent, please contact us today to see how Precision Field Services can serve you!

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